Teddyboy bad mouthing again Intellectual dishonesty impugn on people equally tasked for the delivery and the predetermination of what in the mind of lawful enforcers, a necessary effort make known intent, the unwavering resolve to allay fear of a nation already in ‘near death’ scenario, who may already be losing to enemies of the state,

“One Response to Enrile against international observers” -Palace

No foreign meddling… “Palace still undecided whether it would convene the Council of State proposed by Sen. Gregorio Honasan supposedly to iron out the conflict with the Muslim rebels in Mindanao. “We are yet to discuss Sen. Honasan’s suggestion with President Aquino,” Valte said.” In light of the senate president’s apprehension over the presence

A Believer’s Prayer

  It is Predatory Capitalism; the economic muscles of economic hit men to subvert the earth of its wealth, for the welfare, for the value holdings of just of the few. It begs the question in these times of the 21st Century, what happens then to the rest of the billions more people who may