Is the Muslim solution process the realm of what should be the overall Filipino solution?


In the coming days, way ahead since the signing of the ‘Framework Agreement’ October 15 this year, of two sovereign leaders Malaysia and the Philippines as witnesses, the transition marking to commence the ballyhoo of peacemaking end conflicts in Mindanao has started in earnest, also in same light, has gotten to put to the better part of brooding skeptics handle the tack issue of, will it ever prosper

And how; to be skeptical in these days of global turmoil is perceived to be as something to be on the safer side of proactively thinking right. 

The world is now populated by questioning people; sometimes it pays to be ‘extra’ careful whenever issues as complex as ‘conflict resolution’ or getting to the bottom of wily criminals scheming off fortune from unsuspecting victims in as diverse as kidnap-for-ransom or just scheme-off billions in scams, killing or killing-self hara-kiri may just have to be just as normal news these days. Individual perception may come to naught in confronting ‘the solution processes’ and accepting government may not delve into it, is ‘reality check’.    

Having myself been into these mayhem of sort, as a Muslim exile in Rome spending two Decembers as guest of a Christian democratic party, (CDI), and years in Mecca, KSA, whole family made as guest by the very kind late Crown prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz; my observations entail to be as ‘closely personal’ therefore I can say with as ‘nearly’ truthful and as accurate, mine may be acceptable observations.   

When questions of religiosity come unbearably complex; Muslims questioning fellow Muslims, Christian dogma, the inherent inside complexities; the Jewish divide along the Palestinian right to self-determination, it indeed does pay to be a bit attentive to details, and then of course one may be confronted with such questions as why, or why. 

So why? 

Well, my bias naturally would have some measure of influence growing up detesting politics and avoiding them. But it doesn’t mean liking good politics profess to also assume to be part and parcel to my hating it, it’s not really, I assure.

Problems can go as far and as wide as tales of a thousand and one night, and hoodlums who are Muslims can justify stealing, killing or peddling drugs because the ‘means’ justifies ends. They kidnap and ransom for money, extort, peddle drugs to forward the cause of Islam, it doesn’t make sense to me not in this life I can’t. 

This problem to be as exacting, is same credo as did the formative early Mafia gangster ideology, who are followers of the Christian religion in Italy and now controlling the underground crime syndicates in America, and Zionism, creating for herself a state out of terrorism now grimly the subject of wanton killings in the occupied territories of Palestine because of their desire to fight terrorism, killing innocent children to flatten entire communities in the process. This I cannot put to the propriety of normal comprehension, just won’t bite easily as it should I must say. 

So why? 

Well, let’s start with what; and my observations is not to trace in people and their religions, but it is mostly in systems that hanker to be the problem and thus portend to be the bigger picture of greed  that unscrupulous ‘rich’ people controlling business and politics seemingly to be portraying indeed they are the bigger, unseen problem. And we are the Filipino people just simply uncaring about them. 

The newly crafted ‘Framework Agreement’ is truly awe inspiring mainly for reason it actually is the platform rightly to address our very problem not only to augur complementing the peace process for the Muslims, but more profoundly a solution that given the right treatment of things, would actually be the answer for largely what constitute to be the Filipino problem. 

Does this mean rebels have as much savvy understanding ahead of their time better than everyone else?







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