On: Beyond structures of Moro autonomy by Dr Teresa S. Encarnacion Tadem



The path to finding a good start-up for the ‘Framework Agreement’ was the recent trip to Navarra, Spain, by members of the MILF and government panel, finding models adequate enough for NAPE. Navarra, Spain, a Basque hub of once hotly pursued ‘separatist’ goal for the Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (Euskadi and Freedom, or ETA). 

UP Prof Dr. Teresa S. Encarnacion Tadem says, the trip was billed as part of the “preparations for the drafting of the annexes to the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro” signed on Oct. 15.  In particular, the government negotiators were to study the Communidad Foral de Navarra (Regional Community of Navarra), “the northern Spanish autonomous community,” which runs on a “high degree of self-government ut operate[s] within Spain’s structure as a nation of autonomous communities”.

Certain magnanimity of hope cannot hide from among us, our quiet sense of elation, immeasurable joy that the trip itself symbolizes; the ending of decades old conflict, a sigh of relief but a guarded one I must say. 

Owing to past incidents such as of the high court’s meddling in internationally sanctioned conflict resolution measures, anything bad can still transgress the sense of euphoria but really, I’m not as worried. 

But it takes to like my mind rummage all through the professor singing the tune ‘dancing with my father’ describing the panels shopping for good model for NAPE, of her also in much to my deep sense of appreciation, her saying of ‘Imperial Manila’ almost her to say the brave word ‘it’s your god damn fault Manila’, oh man I would have roared dead laughing my ass off in absolute joy! 

Of course it takes no less the brevity of good thinking to notice comparison can muddle the talk procedure a bit murky not consider ETA and MILF as contrasting. In manners to firstly consider the Basque region as progressively ‘industrialized’ while ARMM, the area for the future NAPE, is squalid poor like a rat. So, really it doesn’t surprise to wind of lab rats, bad experiments etc. or so the saying goes. 

But of course, may I take heed of firstly the empirical Manila and illustrate how she treats her own, granting the professor and I take on the side of peacemaking, of course her invaluable inputs, point to point is truly magnificent, amazing. 

Let me be the one to take the risk allow the late Beatle John Lennon’s and I to wager on his radical paradigm dream of oneness in unity, his imagined ‘no-country-no-religion’ kind of world. And I to delve deep into it be its people and of course my model would be Lanao as one; if only to make industrialized Basque and the region of the future NAPE progressively in similar category, ‘industrialized’. 

The Basque region is industrialized and Lanao could have been in very same level of progress had Manila been the leader like Spain. 

Consider this: Lanao is host to six hydro power-generating complex boosting industries in Mindanao but yet outages have digressed to have downgraded that edge. Inadequate electricity bore no excuses, but they are in all appearances lapses easily traced to bad management style, yes professor, by the ‘Imperial Manila, Inc.’ 

Not only that, Manila mothballed the National Steel Corp the very industry, the very lifeline that sustain work for a lot of people in Iligan City. The steel industry in elementary perception is raw mat for many industries, and the death of this steel making plant virtually killed life in Lanao, not a sputter. 

Secondly, MILF is a transmutation of a problem that did not start with the Muslims. It has now been quietly acknowledged the Mindanao rebellion to have been because of the Jabidah incident in 1968, more than forty years ago. The Jabidah incident having figured in sinister motives to secretly annex a foreign territory by military means, by no less the government itself; a problem obfuscated forthrightly by practically everyone and mindfully, a serious violation of existing UN laws. 

The Basque ETA did their rebellion on their own.









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