Good Old Days, Anyone?


                The old Manila circa 1938, grandma who took ward of me fondly story tell of the ‘peace time’ she says teary eyed while I was little, the Manila she knew now obviously crumbled, made even uglier by disregard of people –monopolists bilking what’s left of the once beautiful city.

Grandma was at the time in 1938 a senator’s wife, and sons way into law school at the premier university, chose to live the simpler side of life I have grown so fascinated with. She preferred ‘Darangen’ over literatures she says are worthless, inferior. If indications for my indignation of the obvious disregard for what to many of us I presume to be beautiful, I just wish that our leaders listen intently when we say, we need to just look back, find solutions to our present-day problems.

Greedy monopoly will not deliver us anywhere; don’t be surprised when I say I want my beautiful past the way grandma says; ‘If I beg, will I succeed without having to bleed for it?’

They can be less of a word, not really that overt asking for something not easily comprehensible for the mind to process, or perhaps even lawmakers unless we allow them tons of money for a ‘time machine’ bring us back in time.

What I meant was for us to consider choices, tailor them according to usage and in these 21th century times, it will probably require the brain to be more proactively attuned to simple needs like clean air and affordable lifestyle, nothing complicated.

So, we profile analyze make the mind think, between guzzler of Jeepneys thirsting for petrol that we can’t afford, besides we’re running out of roads for them anyway, or the electric cable cars we then called Trambias during the sub-state era we called the Commonwealth. So, between choices it redound in no less challenging understand about cartels and what it does to ruin even for how we deal with our everyday life, like going to work in time and be home, in time. And this is about time management, not control time like a ‘time machine’, it’s actually just about the right time bring the kids to school before setting out to work and be home for dinner with the missus and kids be the father, like bonding for posterity make sure the kids are not into anything sleazy, like drugs and things, even maybe talk about condoms.

But why would people really go out of their way bore tunnels into mountains and seabed like in Hongkong, connect people and places, or in New York having transport seven storeys below ground, why would they do this?

This is all simply managing time enable the working man the opportunity to be better, perhaps earn more. We’re tops slaving abroad because of the simple convenience of this transport infrastructure accessible to us Filipinos abroad. So if might you bludgeon with questions why aren’t we as good home than there overseas, it is because of transport excellence, not the sophistication of our brain.

Let me further go on with why I hark on the ‘good old days’ and what planning we had for ourselves during the sub-state period in Mindanao. The hydro plant Maria Christina in Iligan City during the 1930s was put to measure to be able to come up with rail networks make adequate how places are to connect, why Marawi City then Dansalan was zero-zero to all point in Mindanao bring thoughts of good American planning provide people leeway and access to ‘modern transport’ not just light up homes.

Now DOTC has just announced forthrightly ago it has junked plans for rail development in Mindanao for lack of funds. Well, just as much as the early warning gadgetries for our river systems, no money for it too reason why a lot died because not only has the weather bureau been remiss, they just simply possess no interest for us in Mindanao, no care at all, zilch!



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