Teddyboy bad mouthing again

Intellectual dishonesty impugn on people equally tasked for the delivery and the predetermination of what in the mind of lawful enforcers, a necessary effort make known intent, the unwavering resolve to allay fear of a nation already in ‘near death’ scenario, who may already be losing to enemies of the state, confidence already out of breath, is a way of government say have no fear just as any branch of government in law enforcements, criminals will be prosecuted even if they are ex-presidents.

De Lima may be right in also making known her intent act decisively on issues to relate on a ‘big fish’ that in my mind should have been referred to the War Crimes Tribunal at The Hague for role in the Maguindanao massacre. Teddyboy I have serious doubts for, he was a witness to Marcos he says in his valedictory huddled among generals, Philippine and Indonesian generals in brave display of courage address the issue of Sabah, annex, occupy, invade. Teddyboy, should instead offer himself to the War Crimes Tribunal be star as a material eyewitness to what UN say a violation of its statute, a War Crime offense.

CGMA by giving warlords unfettered access to heavy arsenals, political power, monies to cheat in elections, I hold no breath to say CGMA should have been made to travel to the Hague in a lawful imprimatur face prosecution for war crimes for her role in the Maguindanao massacre!


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