Writing Fr Joaquin Bernas on sub-state issues

Dear Fr Joaquin Bernas:


There seems a question that regress to have been mostly genius of people, either as part of a system or the systemic disease itself, to appear innocently suggesting all other means except listen to people shackled in conflicts, forced in warring that is yet to end and hopefully wind sans decades and decades of senseless killings may be in for a rough ride. I hope to be able to say something of this because blaming congress or relying on her wisdom conjure up to none, it to me is like entering a vortex, and then ends in a black hole of the infinite void, kaput.

Being in the box or be out of it as suggests the high court and predisposed and honestly laundered in quite discerning narratives by our well loved constitutionalist Joaquin Bernas, SJ, really may not be as easily discerning to thousands of displaced individuals not realizing refugees to have probably been second generation refugees, not mentioning externally and perennially exiled individuals second class citizens abroad.

Mine is really of puzzle and confusion, that of which how war at sudden paces and speed engulfing Mindanao and going ahead continuing to incinerate for more than forty years could be one for the Guinness record, that really I wouldn’t mind staying boxed-in safe than be out in the box dead. But coming to think, what in the box is the hell is happening with us? I know Mindanao was never like this bad, that my having seen things befuddle, situations muddled to the hilt present-day, whoa very Machiavellian! I can’t be wrong sensing filth smelling one, the revolting scent referring to the one to churn the stomach really bad.

If Mindanao and Sulu is to be subdivided, divisions crisscross of political families well, I admit to belong to one. The dilemma however belonging to one can be portentous, liken to a ‘botcha’ a double whammy double dead meat that in either perspectives, would have more bad than good. Politician’s sons during the 60s are seen differently; media like to make them what today is the paparazzi scoop, the more sinister the better to hype.

Well, my grandma who took ward of me never liked politics, and so I developed the peculiar sense of disdain for anything to do with politics, and hate politicians outside of mine not allied to us. Of course, my maternal grandfather who was senator during the Commonwealth, uncles having been in same path serving the senate, as governor, mother and father having been elected in high positions in my province not to mention a younger sister also in same likely footpath, nephews presently governor of my province and regional governor of the ARMM, well, it has been quite an experience of seemingly a perpetuity of loathing what environment I am forced to be in anyway.

My having said abhorrence of politicians outside of mine can certain to be a dichotomy –contradictions that can either break or altogether ruin what measure I have by far done build me up the confidence I direly need be as convincing to be able to allay fears I’m not just one of ‘those’ Muslims with violence in mind.

And again, I take refuge to thoughts my family never resorted to violence nor goons to be able to clench public office. Not until the Jabidah incident, where all hell just let loose and had to be forced re-learning to be warriors simply to self-preserve.

So, sub-state it is that we need to hanker about and not the Jabidah incidents, an incident main trigger to the Mindanao conflict and certainly, a war crime of consequence.

This being said, the sub-state demand indeed would in way epitomize systemic diseases, viral infections that pictures serious fault lines, a societal malady that for decades since the grant of independence in 1948, endorses subliminal surrender of the nation’s wealth to monopoly and big business that picture surreal control by the few very rich oligarchy over the upkeep and governance of the country for purely control of our nation’s flail wealth. That being said, for those of us wanting peace it is going to be hard sailing for now, very difficult indeed!

This monopolist dogma by the few surely would not want to grant sub-state demands by the Muslim rebels because they want complete –replete overhaul of what ARMM is now. They demand a parliamentary system and in addition, two regional senate representations the basic premise for the sub-state demand. A grant of this demand could put to peril, let out the stench in the presidential system that provide absolute protection to the oligarchy therefore kill the goose that lays the gold eggs.

In which case, the media by the way owned or controlled by the oligarchy will certainly blabber mouth in the negative as their sponsors just as wanting them doing, or else they’re out of work.

Our best remaining chance as far as I’m concern is for all of us to seek intercession by the UN and let bear the truth of the war crime issue that bequeath to be the pit why Mindanao’s warring is unending.






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