Straight talking Adel Tamano

Will we ever have peace in Mindanao? – MANO-A-MANO By Adel Tamano – The Philippine Star » Lifestyle.


‘That we have taken cognizance of past events which have befallen the Muslims in the Philippines, e.g., “the Jabidah massacre” the disturbance of Muslim villages before resulting in the loss of lives and properties, the current series of killings, assault and mutilations of Muslims, the desecration of their dead and the burning of their mosques and houses in Cotabato and Lanao del Sur, not to mention the perennial discrimination against Muslims in many levels of the national life as well as the misrepresentation or distortion of their true image as a historic people’ –Adel Tamano

I take serious note indeed the conflict to have been forty years thus forthrightly, Muslim leaders met, acknowledged indeed and rightly addressed the problem then besieging Muslims in the 70s, the very root, crux of what then was the problem in Mindanao among many, and it was the ‘the Jabidah  Massacre’, no other. That being said, to be more objectively clearer, if the issue was to have been the Jabidah incident then the likely thoughts to have been perceiving them as the root issue, the right parameter would surely and uprightly been but address the ‘root’ issue which is the Jabidah incident, and not ARMM.

What is the Jabidah incident? This was in 1968 uncovered by fisherfolks in Cavite having rescued two Muslim trainees apparently to have survived mass killings involving the two survivor’s army outfit who were senselessly killed en masse by their training officers for no clarity of reason, in other words, secretly massacred. So secretive as the Jabidah was that the schemers themselves would have also included in their killing lists the fishermen, fine folks who fished the two survivors out of shark infested waters off the Cavite province, they could have been dead too.

So the question arise from pedigree of why and wherefores, what is the Jabidah incident, Adel Tamano did mention of his father, Senator Tamano and my father too among many others, making opinion of mine a bit more justifiable and with just the mere mention of another Muslim leader Ali Dimaporo, people in Lanao knows pretty well Rashid Lucman, my father, and Ali Dimaporo cannot be in one room, not ever.

But this time however is different; they now form part of an organization with the heavy-set responsibility of waging a war against the government. With lacking clarifying why, the narrative itself become part hearsay because no explanation was offered, what makes the Jabidah so incredibly overpowering to have made political nemesis Lucman and Dimaporo agree to fight the Philippine government, much more be in an organization together. Well it is no secret people in Mindanao to have gotten so used to killings, centuries and centuries of killings, what makes the Jabidah incident so uniquely different?

Adel might’ve inadvertently sidestepped not mentioning other equally important Muslim leaders from amongst many other, Tengku Abdulrahman of Malaysia and Gen Nasution of Indonesia, supported by all Muslim leaders in the Middle East except perhaps for one or two but nonetheless would eke out something, meaning the problem as resulting of the Jabidah incident is huge nothing short of something draconian.

So the question remains, what could have brought together leaders of such worth to have exerted such an effort never before been possible, the Arab leadership notwithstanding. Everyone in agreement meaning, the entirety of the Islamic world supporting the Muslims in Mindanao and Sulu, lock, stock and barrel?

Let me however offer mine, Jabidah was the operation plan hatched by then President Ferdinand Marcos in collaboration with the  oligarchy Marcos controlled providing the finances, a hotshot smuggling king in Cavite providing the transport means  and Marcos collaborators from the Indonesian military, providing the main muscle. The combined muscles of both armies of Indonesia and the Philippines is enough power recreate World War ll, it may have perhaps been to have jumpstarted World War lll, who knows. All of this huge undertaking was put to motion to be able to secretly invade the Sabah State of Malaysia.

This incident therefore was clearly a violation of existing UN laws, subsequently the killing of the Muslim army trainees adding up would have simply been the provocation to have enraged Muslims in Mindanao to the hilt, hence the Muslim uprisings. These are war crime issues and nowhere can one find ARMM in any of this infractions as if to treat the Jabidah issue like a walk in the park, this is about war crimes and Adel being a lawyer should know about this, nothing as exemplary as bring this case to the Hague for serious probation by the UN itself and heretofore end the Mindanao problem to its very root, otherwise we will all be riding the roundabout in circles, no end and no beginning, and no end to warring.
















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