Enrile against international observers


“Why are we allowing other nations to step in? We should review that (policy). We’ve been allowing international monitoring teams (to meddle) but what has happened? We’re the ones suffering” –ENRILE

The lines apparently to read as far as what the senate president had to say, obviously too unhappy with how the peace process seems to be evolving because of the presence of the international teams observing the talk venues suggests many things behind the warring in Mindanao, thus it should undergo serious probing. Ominously, the senate president having rejected not voting for the passage of the Rome Statute indeed portend to make citizens like we are interested a ‘closure’ to the Muslim rebellion in Mindanao, makes us more akin to reproving his claims the rebellion as internal, indeed is terribly suspect and self-serving. All the more to reorient the long nagging rebellion as war crime issues, and surely the senate president may have to answer plenty having served the despot Marcos as defense chief.

I take this late worrying conjectures by the senate president as something inimical, and his stature as a powerful politician being the senate president will certainly influence whatever goodwill left of peacemaking to its demise and failure, almost certainly a resumption of hostilities and who may I hasten to add will suffer from this? Us the people of Mindanao surely!

If I may, let us all agree to elevate this issue of peacemaking to the ICC. The rebellion in Mindanao was sparked by the Jabidah incident discovered in 1968 to have been the dictator’s handiwork and who was his defense chief at the time of the carnage? Right, Juan Ponce Enrile. Is this surprising? Not at all, what to me should be done as speedily necessary is seek the international community to intervene, we are being unduly sidetracked by war criminals!


One thought on “Enrile against international observers

  1. No foreign meddling

    “Palace still undecided whether it would convene the Council of State proposed by Sen. Gregorio Honasan supposedly to iron out the conflict with the Muslim rebels in Mindanao. “We are yet to discuss Sen. Honasan’s suggestion with President Aquino,” Valte said.”

    In light of the senate president’s apprehension over the presence of foreign observers to ongoing peace talks between Muslim rebels and the government, it is welcoming for the president’s decision to remain supportive of the talk venues maintaining presence of international observers as important parcel gainfully achieve desired goals for peacemaking in Mindanao.

    Convening former presidents to convene the Council of State should include Mindanao leaders from all quarters, this way we tackle understanding how Mindanaoan leaders can do to perhaps allow inputs I find personally to be crucial in firstly understanding sentiments inherently from perspectives of constituencies that the leaders may put forward whether to accept or reject counterproposals offered for study by the MILF.

    Consensus-making initiatives for all Mindanaoans should be mainstay as far as pursuing objectives for peacemaking in Mindanao.

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