A hero’s burial for Marcos, an Abomination

As a citizen and a Muslim, veteran of the long struggle surviving decades of excesses of the Marcos dictatorship, I would probably cave in quick having to sample very innocent sounding calls for a wide ranging national reconciliation effort trumpeted by mostly close kin of the long deceased Marcos as well as officials in government wanting ‘a major rider’ clench the ratings war, the vote-rich Ilocos region thus allow for a hero’s burial for the dictator, all politics and no fun.

But mine is mostly surprise especially for some media personalities as well as long-time human rights lawyers and human rights advocates not consider multitude of problems it might cause allowing for a hero’s burial for the late dictator, especially ramifications from yet unending Mindanao insurgency problems, plenty in fact to ponder over.

First of probably would be the dictator in the past elaborately having schemed invade a foreign territory by force of arms and the backlash it caused because of summarily executing people, mostly Muslim trainees I believe killed on his order and cue in a mass killing  incident dubbed the Corregidor Massacre, killing all the Muslim army trainees excepting for two survivors. The noise as resulting of the killings no less by our own congress investigating the incident in fact conducted by the then political opposition, the Liberal Party, having filed impeachment complaints actually to aim remove Marcos from power as resulting of the incident, was indeed too commandingly deafening to have been kept from view. The ‘noises’ may I remind, was the one to have effectively conscripted Muslims into war footing with the government that has yet to wind and end up till now.

Well, to remove all doubts my appearing like I’m not for reconciliation, it may be prudent asking the Liberal Party how and why would they be in such muddles during the 60s filing for impeachment remove a president, are there extenuating evidence good grounds the LP possessed as a political party to have prodded them file impeachment imprimatur remove a president, and for what basis was it, and are they even real? Because what Marcos did judging from the killing incident can either be an act of terrorism or an act of crime against humanity and therefore is a war crime offense under UN laws.

To be legit and a Muslim in these times of 9/11 where to be in sacrosanct quietude just let things be name-call and all, slurs to spin the head be as mum be anything you’re not is a given perception, Manila or New York City, and this can be as extreme and challenging indeed while despots like Marcos gets the honor.

So what the heck, I say it just like Khan, I’m a Muslim and I’m not a terrorist! But who’s listening?

Hence, what could be constituting to mean terrorism, if by the present-day metaphor spell the bean it should be the Osama bin Laden mystique, then as given, it is the Al Qaeda perception holding sway stereotype Muslims as terrorists.

That anybody bearded and a Muslim may be disallowed seats in aircrafts despite heavy security procedures by airports, just by the looks one can lose a seat, or risk incarceration, incidents that says indeed it is difficult traveling these days as a Muslim just because an airline stewardess says so, and you’re it.

And I tell you true folks, it is even worse to be a Muslim and a Filipino in this country then again you get to be insulted despite innocence. In all as if to be told just be terrorists and not do anything, be happy of the branding, like have fun with it?

To expand the mind reconstitute what meant by the dictator’s son now a senator of the land to say disallowing heroes’ burial for his deceased father will expand conflict miss out on reconciliation therefore, it is as if it is doomsday and our conscience to bother not his or the war crimes his dictator father did, crimes of impunity and all is to me a total disbelief. Junking the victims of martial rule can be dauntingly confusing indeed especially to ask of a president, himself and family once victims of the dictatorship, his dad assassinated, and the late dictator the suspect mastermind, what carnival fun can this ever be, or how funny can we really be as people?

But expanding the mind further abreast, it is difficult not notice number of pronouncements, statements even movies shown drumbeat on the issue of the Jabidah incident. Like as though to mock people in the Mindanao and Sulu area, the incident by every speck and span and measure of the Muslim rebellion, issues of the unending warring in Mindanao to have primarily emanated, and can easily trace to the Jabidah incident itself, not ethnic, not religion, not even homegrown. And mind you, Marcos did all this took people in the country and beyond our borders as fools, looking frivolous and gullible.

But prominent from among all cacophonies so far told of the Jabidah incident had been the valedictory speech of Teddyboy Locsin, a former Philippine congressman. In his speech delivered in congress as significantly mentioned in a column by William Esposo of the Philippine Star, Locsin maligned our military having cringed in the face of threats from China over Spratleys for cowardice not able to face up to the Chinese military and surprisingly, all praises for Marcos saying his father took him to the palace saw Marcos huddled among his brave generals and his Indonesian generals, Marcos allies apparently, address the issue of the Sabah State of Malaysia. What does this mean, that in actuality Marcos was in conspiracy with Indonesia invade Sabah and we have a living very credible eyewitness in the person of Teddyboy Locsin.

The conspiracy theory was as wider in the country having in the misadventure the oligarchy beholden to Marcos purportedly providing the money infrastructure and a topnotch Cavite smuggling magnet providing for the transport means deliver the Marcos invasion armies create havoc to Sabah, Malaysia. The story further goes to say this secret invasion plans to effectively subdivide from amongst conspirators, the spoils being the Sabah State and half of it to Indonesia.

But is this storyline verifiable? Sure, if truth can besiege the conscience of the United Kingdom and the United States it can easily trace no doubt. Philippines beholden to the US and Malaysia to the UK in military mutual defense treaties to suggest the US and the UK having easy access to insider situations and crucial inside information, or they can lie.

In Brussels, Belgium in 1985, while among Filipino opposition groups under CDI sponsorship, I was shown thick booklets depicting infants, young kids murdered by Philippine soldiers, mutilated bodies discarded in shallow graves of civilians, entire communities razed to the ground and girls forced to board naval ships and raped some committing suicide rather than live through shame violated by soldiers, Amnesty International say almost 300,000 killed or could even go higher, or they could be lying too, will they lie? If these are not crime against humanity then go ahead bury Marcos as a hero, if it is then refuse heroes’ burial for him.

In Rome, details of sinister murderous campaign to include killing of priests and nuns were fed us almost to puke, or the Christian Democrat International could be lying too, but why would they and for what? This was all during my exile years in Rome in 1985, could I be lying too, but why would I and for what?




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