Obsolescent Dogma

Obsolescent Dogma

by Aminullah Alonto Lucman on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 at 10:33am  (Reposted 7 October 2011)


As a person and a citizen, it does pay to possess dexterity in ways to fend-off bullies in corner streets; territorial bullies either part of really menacing youthful gangs or goons beholden to politicians or revolutionaries with much too confusing set of platforms, Kung Fu anyone?

This use to be less of a problem during much of the 60’s, owing perhaps to what used to be a moving economy, forward moving and vibrant. It may be that because there was work to pass around during those times and finding no need to be out there, as slaving OFWs needing to be far and away from loved ones, be around and home parenting importantly maintaining decorum keeping families together, keeping track of discipline and good behavior from amongst, especially growing kids.

Today’s working men and women are nowhere here, leaving to chance our valued mores –our good character attributes as Filipinos.

The brain drain, broken homes, this to me appear menacing enough to growing kids, perhaps to say, teachers not opting the easy way out overseas should possess quickness of wit compete with the internet; any way short of expectations from this youthful cyber kids will mean there will be youthful brows to raise lose confidence. But are teachers of ours even qualified or waged enough to measure up?


These indeed are daunting questions to answer, not only in the autonomous regions in the Muslim and Cordilleras but the country as well. Tough times indeed!

But what concerns me most is our seemingly dispossessed less caring attitude, our lacking the deft to understand our way into the global arena, whatever ever that be. Seemingly stuck with the unbending long-drawn-out control and the disheveling squander of public money, the very exclusively rich and their politicians, just few filthy rich people holding mantle, controlling our economy –the monopolist fewtrend setters keeping the country in seething squalor and poverty remain woefully the bigger impediment, stunting progress and crucial development for us to be able to compete.

Tightly controlling the economy to the hilt, citizens now will have to slave in strange lands as OFWs make the prospect, make ends meet. The wherewithal being no opportunity here at home, due to business in an apparent controlled environment by the monopoly of the few ultra rich –tightly iron grip business to tidy up only unto them hence dominate our nation’s really flail wealth. Stranglehold and control and upkeep of a corrupt political system largely into vote buying and cheating in elections, nothing can ever be dimmer than this situation plaguing our nation into wretched bankruptcy never before than today’s extreme challenges, and just simply making things right is a helluva problem.

But we ask ourselves then, is there a chance a way out of this dull doldrums of squalor of Spartan living-environs and uncertainty in unending warring at least ours here in Mindanao?

Of course we do, there is a question set of baskets if you like, vessels of fear public funds may be absconded or corruption to retune and prolong conflicts or that of a receptacle where our money for our difficult sustenance may be kept safe for now, monies we need to wager the future, because truly we now have the right leadership, but is it the right team to see us through?

I honestly possess no dexterity knowing if there is such a team, I wish there was I pray piously, but what would our avowed goals be as we see the world chipping ebbing in every speck, turmoil one after the other, are we knowing enough?

Well then, let’s try Percival Bueser’s pragmatic euphemisms, the heuristic approach to reason with ourselves we’re not alone and the holistic means by how we can truly convince ourselves we can no longer afford cartels, that heretofore we just have to junk monopolist’ doctrines, let it be done with by recognizing that the change of systems has now become experiential and necessary.

Beautifully minded Ilda Pro in her good scribing thread warned of hunger and then cannibalism, that such virtues of human frailty, man the carnivore, to fancy human meat defy conventions may frightfully come to realm is disheveling, but can come true to happen. Come to think, year after year the country is shackled by serious inclement weather, excepting Mindanao to absorb the shock of food shortages but cannot because of what seems an unending warring government has yet to end. But granting that Mindanao can, the transport means with which to benchmark loopholes in food production is just too short-handed to simply be as reliable equitably distribute food. So, will we eat each other?

Sad to say, the Jeepney is already doing that, slowly eating on us piece by piece, our lungs mostly. Our dollar reserves to winkle down the pit may no longer surface make the beating as OFWs dwindle, there being no Arab real estate safe enough these days to outsource jobs. Therefore no more OFW dollars replenish what squander we do maintaining guzzlers of transports salvaged from junkyards overseas, no dollars to buy fuel sans serious graft and corrupt practices in government still gobbling up what scant resource we still have left, and we are yet persistently graft ridden in every other way, really ironic.


“Limited-route mass transport service is simply unable to compete with the sort ofextremely personalized and extremely flexible service available in a society wherelabor solutions are overwhelmingly preferred over systemic solutions.”  – benign0  


Our Islander mindset, be as done, the state of mind pervading not outwardly chronic from amongst but is a problem yet given its spate and due attention I fear we have yet to hurdle, and harder still I insist we must overcome. Should we conquer each other’s fear or deride good sense in all of us, choices to take that altogether we should be team players, that by multilateral platforms we can actually do more bridgework, and henceforth simply make food available for everybody. Isn’t this nice and exciting?

I think that we have neither the choice nor the trifle to do anything except perhaps do something to address what benign0 says a systemic solution to set the goals for critical resolution.

And mine is really replacing the system. Overhauling obsolescent dysfunctional system, of now that we have is a lot more expensive and energy consuming in a lot of ways than we truly can afford. It’s much like carry ourselves way through the loop, be parcel to multilateral economic platforms amongst and parcel to team works and be development oriented like in Malaysia and or in Singapore, or either choose to be the remainder of our inordinate sorry selves, be in twirls of carnival sideshows in this presidential system of government clowning ourselves to death feed each other with our famished bodies like cannibals as Ilda warns. Scary isn’t it?



May God help us!



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