Subject: Resignation letter by virtue exigent to conformity to ARMM term-ender policy guidelines, the Mindanao bench

September 30, 2011


The Honorable

Acting Regional Governor

Ansarruddin Alonto Adiong

ARMM, Cotabato City




Thru:           Atty. Naguib Sinarimbo

Executive Secretary, ARMM




Subject: Resignation letter by virtue exigent to conformity to ARMM term-ender policy guidelines




Dear Governor Adiong,


In exigency thereof, by warrant of ARMM term ending this 30th of September 2011, tenure of role as entailing of my responsibilities as Senior Adviser with the specific of providing due advisories covering external affairs and matters of economics focused solely on the Islamic Development Bank, IDB, headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and with regional office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, it is with honor and pleasure in this regard that I tender my resignation in line with the ARMM guiding policies as necessitates.

I take heed nonetheless of immeasurable learning experience and the pleasure serving your honor thus, it is with preponderance in light of pervading policies that I serve your honor due notice of salient undertakings I have by far been involved covering responsibilities as your senior adviser.

Under advisement from Islamic Development Bank (IDB) consultants, the suggestion that the government of the Philippines and the ARMM be in due cooperation address, hence craft viable and workable partnership, deal with the Muslim insurgency allow for proactive engagement in the peacemaking process effectively pursue, follow lead of the international community as expectedly is with priority. Hence, it is ironic that such measures I find to be extremely crucial have not as yet been forthcoming. Therefore, IDB and other Islamic aid organizations with intent to assist ARMM have forthwith been withheld in abeyance until such that a satisfactory realization of the peace process shall have been achieved fully and uprightly.

Considering the aggravated nature of the flailing economics in the ARMM, Mindanao & Sulu particularly, I have asked the Islamic organization assistance –of study measures respond to incessant demand for peacemaking therefore enable satisfactory environment by which IDB and affiliated funding organizations fasten and anchor, allow free-flow of investments and aid to the ARMM, to soonest as possible restore as well as security concerns and confidence in the region finally achieved via the ongoing peace process.

Caveat being the seemingly unending conflict to have plagued Mindanao & Sulu for more than forty years which to prevailing perception had been primal why people particularly in the ARMM had been grossly impoverished.

In recognizing some of the entailing perceptibility, questions to seek reason for the definitive suspension of investment measures and aid to ARMM, I took taking conscious steps educating myself intently primarily the manner objectively address certainly the imprimatur of which also to concluding to me the unusual behavior of the Philippine government risking resumption of hostilities with Muslim rebels by taking incoherent policy shifts.

One to violate the Philippine Constitution by suspending the ARMM elections and accorded to the national government the appointing power replace elective positions from within the Constitutional political structure and framework of the ARMM, and secondly government taking no recognizable effort seriously enough to pursue peace process saying and insisting demands for peace as Unconstitutional.

Sensing futility in finding amelioration make the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) and the Philippine government collaborate jointly in addressing demands for peace with Muslim rebels, I took the liberty of attending the Islamic Conference organized by the Ahlul Bait World Assembly (ABWA) held in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran, September 11-14, 2011, on invitation from among economic advisories and amongst advocates on issues relative to ‘economic activism’ particularly proactive trading from among Islamic nations worldwide to include the ARMM. Similar business summits I attended were in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, under the auspices of the Islamic Development Bank, IDB, in September 21-22, 1999, and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in August, of 2000.

In the paper I submitted to the ABWA conference venue, I detailed the absence of decorum on the part of the Philippine government not consider understanding intently the nature and root issues why Mindanao remain problematic. Those by the Philippine government having lacked substantively knowing genuine root issues, government having been totally impervious to the need to make the ARMM as well as well-meaning leaders, people of the Christian faith in Mindanao allow and pursue proactive participation in the deliberations for peacemaking, devoid and lacking of it, it inadvertently appeared as to be meaning government pursuit for reforms, as self-serving.

Meaning, government rightly or not, as perceived and seen as pursuing bestowed ends in faulty assumptions and for purposes exclusionary to government are thought aimed for purely party and for vested ends.

Therefore the verve, serious undertakings wagered by far, to clinch permanent peace, and having lost luster and merit at least in the perception of Islamic nations supportive of the peace process, may be that the prospect for peacemaking may be harder to regain for now.

In recognition thereof, it is with prayer that your honor considers seeking foreign governments particularly the United Kingdom and the United States to allow impetus declassify information leading to the information uncover the true nature and genuine issues behind the unending conflict in Mindanao. Crime of impunity and atrocities committed were in our study concerns and details say conflicts to have been introduced in the Mindanao conflict grid, not ethnic, not homegrown and therefore are war crime issues needing unimpeded United Nation ICC probation.

By allowing us the fortitude comprehensibly understand the intricate nature of the problems at hand, crafting resolution through UN measures may be easier achieved and may serve both the ARMM and the Philippine government the kind of working platform collaborate and really pursue solve the long nagging Muslim insurgency problem in Mindanao.


With all Sincerity,


Aminullah A. Lucman

Senior Adviser for External and

Economic Affairs, ORG, ARMM








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