The Vitriolic Partners, Despots and Israel: the Mindanao bench



“For the only game in town has always been Israel’s interests, and it is clear that whatever strategy garners international support, with or without US and Israeli approval, must guarantee Israeli interests a priori.”   -Aljazeera


This behemoth of a phenomenon in the contemporary 21st century magma repudiate all possible comprehension why the world seemed aghast not able to just understand why has America been so ‘encapsulated’ as the Israeli back alley. And almost at free will, Israel can do harm to anyone in the world and no blink an eye be advisory mercenaries even to some sleazy despots as far away as the Philippines fighting Muslim rebels.

Something must be amiss, why even in the Islamic world prior to the ‘awakening’ –onslaughts of the very young in the Arab world booting out despotic leaders, who till late, remain the vitriolic partner actually insulate Israeli aggressions keep attention as far away from vested despotic ends being noticed for them to be remaining in power for as long as they have the hated Israeli acting up to be hated some more.

Despots and Israel work well together, but that’s ending now. The awakened people of faith vanguards of true determination have now calculated despots and Israel to be complementing each other, and have their ire speed up their ending and is nearer never before than ever.

The inevitable may yet come to liberate people from all ends of the rope, and it is the remarkable youth of today by keeping tab check counter-check, WikiLeaks, Facebook and Twitter themselves are freer than ever. Freedom is the essence of true power, and the now youth having emerged commandingly at the top of the heap may be leaders of tomorrow who could be shooting nuclear end aggressors, and wilt not mine wimp in cold fear?

Israel I say the secret keeper of the great immaculate bombs, mother of all bombs, to smelt the ends of the earth wished on the wailing wall of their dissipating reign are bent to slowly losing voice, their pampered selves may one day start to soil, wet underpants. The youth of the knowing Islamic world has raised freedom in their wake, liberators of the oppressed Islamic world!

The byline seemed hair raising, enough make the stomach ache as more adults not know how children of their unmaking, born, coerced to fearing of their leader, oldies’ choices obviously, decipher to translate in idol worship, to being blind followers, haul out from parents with attitude problem follow blind   –leaders of their class in haste and hate of Israel therefore make their leaders in despotic regimes absconding of people money and wealth, unperturbed. People just tolerated their badly motivated persona because of the ‘Israeli fear factors’ who until recently are now goners in the Islamic world, leaders no more and more in haywire to go kaput!

What has this to do in Mindanao may I hasten to add, I say not and ask instead, what has this to do in East Asia, Southeast Asia in particular?

To be petrified and be dismissive, delete from mind possibilities of such magmatic incinerating issues instead cower make this as a triviality remove one’s fretting, if only for a while make the spirit a little less brittle having been more cranky and vulnerable decades past, because of really hot commanding issues –just make, treat this as ordinary passing scene a triviality of sort to be able to be unmindfully uncaringly ‘eased’, is never good enough and I know will never be. I say it is more dangerous not to know, not strain for the tractable chain and seek to ask, seriously research, why has Israeli aggression been so encompassing as to be advisory to Muslim haters and hanker to destroy Islam in Southeast Asia, Muslims in fact lose territory, is Israel beginning to wet something, would it be underpants or appetite, drooling green greedy for something, what really?

But is this predictable? This is big problem, no prognosis is yet possible just tell how and when will all the ‘awakening’ cease, and ends just as well. None will know but who would have the need to know as urgently as us in the Islamic world?

The dichotomy of thought, the derisive divide between those treating events in such as now’s simmering situations plaguing the world, and those if not of the West, people of faith happy as the outright sincerity pervading to have overwhelmed, like the NATO leadership seeing Muslims spring into freedom orientated struggles.

Hence degraded of money worth, the West none to draw solace from people power anyway has now finally to have realized there’s no money in wars and conflicts. Economics for the West to profit from, because of yet to taper violence and non-violence freedom based revolts in the Arab world, is in fact appearing more confused, in obtrusive environs the realm of which to have really been more of a pariah and grossly less predictable set of things like their competing downgrading, misbehaving economies. This has to go through transitions, period by which to finally taper into predictability. Libya for instance has to produce yet, what I’m saying is when will this be?

In the meanwhile, to goad the youth into submissive retreat from the flicker monumental gains from People Power may even affect Israel itself. In their time, the youth, their part of their ‘Berlin wall’ will topple and the youth will just chip on them with crude chisels, or rock crushers whichever comes first, amazing young people of faith, non-violent freedom fighters!



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